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Harris County Prosecutor Alleges Kim Ogg Makes Prosecution Decisions Based on Politics Not Justice

The situation boiling over at the Harris County District Attorney's Office started months ago, and now, two prosecutors have resigned. Former prosecutor Cheryl Chapell said District Attorney Kim Ogg was unhappy after an internal COVID-19 document leaked, so she started an internal investigation into several employees. "I think it absolutely has a public concern, which is why I even made some of my concerns somewhat public," Chapell told ABC13 on Tuesday. Chapell, who worked at the office since 2013, quit this summer. In her resignation letter she said that Ogg's office went too far in the inquiry, even sending investigators to her home, seizing work-issued electronics and trying to get access to data from her personal cell phone. Chapell said another employee ended up coming forward to confess to the leak. Then, another resignation happened on Labor Day. Jessica Milligan, who worked on the animal cruelty task force, left after more than a decade. Her resignation lette