Harris County District Court Judge Stopped For Multiple Traffic Violations Including Driving On The Wrong Side of The Road

  Before Harris County District Court Judge Kelli Johnson took at least a month off from work for personal matters following a crisis intervention call at her house, she was pulled over for multiple traffic violations and then volunteered to do a field sobriety test. ABC13 obtained a body-worn camera video of the encounter through an open records request. The Harris County Sheriff's Office explained that most of the video is black due to an "obstruction," but the audio is clear. Sgt. Colin McHugh made the initial stop. Johnson: "I'm a judge." McHugh: "You're a judge?" Johnson: "A criminal district judge. Yes." The stop happened at about 8 p.m. on April 12, three days before Johnson found Brian Coulter guilty of murdering his girlfriend's son, whose body was left to rot for a year. She mentioned the case twice during the 45-minute-long encounter and asked a second deputy, who arrived, to give her the Standard Field Sobriety Test (S

Episode No. 59- Captira's Data Breach and Other Issues With Guest New PBUS President David Stuckman

  On this episode of The Bail Post we meet the new President of PBUS David Stuckman as we discuss multiple issues.  One of the issues that we highlight is the recent data breach of Capitar's cloud based bail software and the responses by bail agents.  We also discuss bail in the state of Kansas and we find out that there are both property bondsmen and corporate bondsmen.  We also discuss the laws in Kansas for returning the defendant to custody.  We also discuss the Professional Bondsmen of the United States, how it functions and it upcoming meeting. Audio Podcast- Also available on: Apple Podcasts-            CLICK HERE Spotify-                        CLICK HERE Google Podcasts-        CLICK HERE Podcast Index-            CLICK HERE Amazon Music-          CLICK HERE Stitcher-                      CLICK HERE iHeart-                        CLICK HERE TuneIn + Alexa          CLICK HERE Podcast Addict-          CLICK HERE Podchaser-                  CLICK HERE Pocket Casts-           

Episode No. 58- D.A. Kim Ogg Tells All: Progressive Lies, Political Agendas and Increasing Crime

  Our guest on this episode of The Bail Post is the sitting district attorney for Harris County- Kim Ogg.  D.A. Ogg was first elected to become district attorney in 2016 with the support of a Soros political group.  She was re-elected in 2020 without the support of a Soros political group. D.A. Ogg was present for all the inside political discussions for criminal justice reform/bail reform in Harris County.  D.A. Ogg initially supported the reforms, but once she concluded that the proposed reforms went too far, she opposed them. On this episode of The Bail Post D.A. Ogg tells all.  Join us and see if you come to the same conclusion that we did-  Wow! Audio Podcast- Also available on: Apple Podcasts-            CLICK HERE Spotify-                        CLICK HERE Google Podcasts-        CLICK HERE Podcast Index-            CLICK HERE Amazon Music-          CLICK HERE Stitcher-                      CLICK HERE iHeart-                        CLICK HERE TuneIn + Alexa          CLICK HERE P

The Bail Post Episode No. 57- Are Charitable Bail Funds Creating Chaos With Guests Mike Whitlock and Eric Granof

This is the second of two episodes regarding Charitable Bail Funds. The first part was episode number 5 of The Bail Post.  On this episode on The Bail Post we highlight what states have done since Texas enacted a bill requiring transparency for Charitable Bail Funds.  The state of Indiana limited these funds so that they could not post a bond over a certain size.  Also, recently, the state of Georgia passed a bill limiting these funds from posting no more than 3 bonds in a given period of time whether that be six months or a year.  Why are states placing restrictions on these funds?  Probably because the legislatures are listening to the states from the representatives of some of these funds which state that they want to create chaos in the Criminal Justice System.  Therefore, legislatures are taking them at their word and placing restrictions on them to prevent chaos.   Audio Podcast- Also available on: Apple Podcasts-            CLICK HERE Spotify-                        CLICK HERE G

The Bail Post Episode No. 56- How the California Dream Turned Into a Nightmare With Guest Retried Chief Patrick Jordan

Retired Chief Patrick Jordan worked for the L.A. County Sheriff's office for over 30 years.  He has intimate knowledge regarding  the California Criminal Justice System the reforms that have been pushed for years.  He talks about the litigation that began attacking the State's failure to provide proper mental health care and medical care which lead to a three judge panel placing a cap on the State's prison population.  The cases went all the way to the United States Supreme Court where Justice Alito questioned any order that would require the State to release the equivalent of three divisions of convicted criminals.  Alito predicted the action would lead to more crime.  Chief Jordan highlights the changes that have been made since and how those actions were not intended to do anything but reduce the number of people in jail even if crime increased.  Chief Jordan also provides insights into district attorneys who were supported by George Soros' groups.  Join us on this E

New Election Ordered for 180th District Court in Harris County

  A judge ordered Harris County to hold a new election for the 180th District Court judge after Republican candidate Tami Pierce, who narrowly lost to Democratic Judge DaSean Jones, filed a lawsuit challenging the results. Jones won by a margin of 449 votes in 2022. Judge David Peeples, a visiting judge from Bexar County, issued the order Wednesday. * * *  In the findings of fact and conclusions of law, Peeples said 983 votes cast in the 2022 race were determined to be invalid because voters lived outside Harris County or had other residency-related issues. Additionally, 445 voters did not show a valid form of photo identification and 48 mail ballots lacked required signatures or were not received before the deadline. More than a year after Pierce filed the election contest, the court ordered Jones to pay Pierce more than $65,000 in attorney fees, which Peeples said was reasonable given Jones’ motion to dismiss the case. “This court held that Jones’s motion to dismiss was without merit

The Bail Post Episode No. 55- New York's Deal With The Devil Over Recidivism With Guest Jim Quinn

Jim Quinn is a former assistant district attorney in Queens, New York. His family has lived in New York for four generations. Jim was on the front lines as New York slipped bail reform into the budget bill in 2019 and when it went into effect in January 2020. Jim has written numerous articles about the New York bail reform and its impact on crime. On this episode of The Bail Post we evaluate the reforms and their impact on recidivism. The biggest take away from this episode is that the politicians stated that they were willing to have more crime to address their political agenda. Four years later, we can say that they got exactly that. Crime is up 40% since before the reforms were enacted and defendants with a prior arrest are committing new crimes at record numbers. Recidivism rates demonstrate that a known group of people are committing a large percentage of crimes and the citizens are bearing the brunt of the harm because politicians refuse to fix the problems that they them

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