The Bail Post Episode No. 46- What if the Narrative About Systemic Racism is All Wrong With Guest David Zimmer

David Zimmer is a Policy Fellow at Center of the American Experiment, where he writes about criminal justice and public safety. Mr. Zimmer served 33 years in local law enforcement with the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, retiring as a Captain. During his law enforcement career, Mr. Zimmer served as a deputy and a supervisor in areas including the Jail, Courts, Patrol/Water Patrol, Investigations, and Tactical Command. Mr. Zimmer was recognized as a collaborative law enforcement leader who earned the respect of stakeholders throughout the criminal justice system. He advocates for public policy that will ensure a consequential criminal justice system for all Minnesotans. In 2021, Minnesota began tracking the race of individuals accused of crimes.  This data allowed Mr. Zimmer to produce a report called "Dispelling the Myth of Unwarranted Racial Disparities in Minnesota's Criminal Justice System."  The conclusions of the report raise questions about whether proponents for

Camp Esperanza- "The Day I Told My Daughter Goodbye"

  "The Day I Told My Daughter Goodbye" by Ken W. Good No parent wants to see a child go through a bone marrow transplant.  There are things about this experience that we still do not talk about in our family.  There is no logic to why some children make it and others do not.  We nearly lost Laurel.   Our daughter Laurel was born with a rare condition where she did not make enough platelets.  So when she was five she underwent a bone marrow transplant at Children's Hospital in Dallas.  My wife and Laurel "moved in" to the hospital on December 6th and they did not return home until March the next year. I stayed in Tyler since our oldest daughter was in school.  I went to Dallas every weekend and my wife would go to a hotel and try to recharge for another week.  We were on the transplant floor which is an isolation floor.  So we did not allow family or friends to help us. One of the ways that I dealt with the situation was that I kept a blog/journal.  This is the e

The Bail Post Podcast Episode No. 45- David vs Goliath- The Great Debate With Civil Rights Corps

On Episode No. 45 on The Bail Post, we discuss a debate that we recently participated in against a representative of Civil Rights Corps.  This is the organization that has filed bail reform and criminal justice reform litigation across the United States.  This organization filed all of the cases in Texas that made their way to the United States Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit.  These cases include:   ODonnell v. Harris County ,  Daves v. Dallas County ,  Russell v. Harris County  and  Booth v. Galveston County . This group has raised tens of millions of dollars from donors to fund these cases.   We discuss our preparation for the debate and our expectations.  We also talk about the heated and we mean very heated debate that took place and the toxic language that Civil Rights Corps uses.  We also talk about our take away from the debate and whether there can be any common ground found when Civil Rights Corps cannot agree on such things as simple facts such as whether the reforms in

The Bail Post Podcast Episode No. 44- The Inside Scoop About Bail Bond Boards With Guests Ethel Segura and Michelle Turner

On this Episode of the Bail Post we are at the PBT Annual Meeting and we are recording "live" to tape where we have a panel discussion regarding the Inside Scoop about Bail Bond Boards.  Our guests are Ethel Segura and Michelle Turner.  Ethel Segura is the Bail Bond Administrator for the Bexar County Bail Bond Board.  Michelle Turner is the 1st Assistant County Attorney for Fort Bend County and is the attorney for the Fort Bend County Bail Bond Board. On this unique and different episode we discuss common mistakes that bondsmen make and several new statutes that may impact the actions of bail bond boards moving forward. This is an audio only episode.  Also available on: Apple Podcasts-            CLICK HERE Spotify-                        CLICK HERE Google Podcasts-        CLICK HERE Podcast Index-            CLICK HERE Amazon Music-          CLICK HERE Stitcher-                      CLICK HERE iHeart-                        CLICK HERE TuneIn + Alexa          CLICK HERE Podca

2023 Annual Meeting of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas Sets Another Record for Attendance

The PBT Annual Meeting was held last week in San Antonio, Texas.  The meeting had record attendees, record vendors, and demonstrated that PBT has outgrown its space for the meeting. The them for this years meeting was the "Thin Blue Line" to support law enforcement.  There was a panel discussion about Border Security and it had representatives from our county sheriffs, the DPS and a retired home land security representative.  The presentation was an eye opener if you are truly concerned about border security. There was also a presentation about the most recent Texas legislative session from representatives of the PBT- Legislative Committee and lobbyists.   There was a live recording of the PBT Podcast The Bail Post talking about the "Inside Scoop About Bail Bond Boards."  PBT's podcast is closing out Season 2 and is now ranked in the top 10 of the 60 Best Criminal Justice Podcasts. Next, there was a presentation from Eric Granof with AIA and Mike Whitlock with A

Meet the New President of PBT- Irma Montemayor

Is 2024 the Year of the Woman for the Professional Bondsmen of Texas?  At the recent annual meeting, Irma Montemayor was elected president of PBT.  She will serve for the next two years.  She is only the third woman to be elected President.  She has been involved in the bonding industry since she was 18. "It is my goal to continue to build on the legacy those before me have formed through hard work and dedication.  I pray for the wisdom in all my decisions and pledge to seek guidance and advise from those willing to collaborate in order to continue making PBTx the model association for the rest of the  Country.  God Bless the great State of Texas!" Irma has served in many different capacities.  She has been a member of the executive team as the secretary.  She has served as convention chair and in many other roles.   Irma is licensed in Hidalgo County and her bonding company is A-Fast Bail Bonds.  Join us in congratulating Irma!  

Meet the 2023- PBT Bondsman of the Year- Cindy Hammons

At the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Professional Bondsmen of Texas, Cindy Hammons was selected as Bondsman of the Year.  Cindy has served as a board of director for PBT for some time.  She has served in numerous capacities and was the annual meeting convention committee chair for 2023. Cindy has been a bondsman for over 20 years.  She grew up in Freeport, Texas and has always been a part of Brazoria County.   "I am over the top, grateful and elated for being selected for this honor.  So many other great bondsmen have received for this award in the past and I am in some really great company which makes me want to work even harder every day to live up to their standards." Cindy is licensed in Brazoria County and her company is Cindy's Bail Bonds.

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