The COVID-19 Apocalypse- Rules for Survival,

by Ken W. Good

The cult horror film classic, Zombieland, begins two months after a virus turns people into zombies that overrun the US. The lead character learns how to stay alive by living by a code of rules he has created to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. The rules are practical. For example, Rule No. 1 stresses the importance of cardio because sometimes you have to outrun your zombie attacker, while Rule No. 3 urges extra care while visiting a restroom because it involves a closed room with only one route of escape.

Both entertaining and chilling, Zombieland offers a look into a world plunged into chaos and examines how various individuals respond when everything they know has been taken away.

Currently, the global COVID-19 crisis has us living through our own real-life apocalyptic nightmare. Because of its rapid spread, and deadly and highly-contagious nature, many feel that their normal way of life is a thing of the past, never to return. While the coronavirus has not produced zombies, it has certainly created turmoil in many different parts of society.

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