The Bail Post Episode No. 16- How 10% Equals $25 Million with Gene Newman


Several months ago, the Harris County Bail Bond Board adopted a new local rule that requires bondsmen to collect 10% of the face amount of certain bonds before the bond is posted.  In the short span of several months there have been some significant and quick ramifications as a result of the board's actions.

On this episode join the discussion with our Guest Representative Gene Newman.   Gene is the District 61 elected representative for the Mississippi House of Representatives.  Gene also is a second generation bondsman with over 40 years experience.  In addition, he has degrees in economics and criminal justice.  Representative Newman also has an indepth knowledge of how bail works in Texas and has visited many bail bond board meetings over the years.

Find out why the Harris County sheriff recently asked for an additional $25 million from the commissioners to address what he called unsustainable jail overcrowding.  Lina Hidalgo, who is the Harris County Judge, asked what was causing the "bottle neck."  Listen to our podcast to find the answer. 

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